Here you can find more information about financing a Wattman train.


Have your train operation generating revenues for 6 months before paying it off.

A great way to get a head start with your business. For only $29 a month for up to 6 months! Regular payments begin after the introductory period.

Ask about a pre-approved line of credit

If you first want to view the costs, you can ask Ascentium for a pre-approved line of credit.

This way, you know exactly what the costs are, and you can immediately start working with us to put together a train that fully meets your needs.

Visit our special pricing page for more information on pricing, financing, and promotions.

Contact a Wattman Sales representative

If you have not already done so, work with your Wattman Sales representative to determine your optimum train configuration and the total value of to be financed. This can even include shipping!

Take a few minutes and fill in your application at Ascentium Capital, in a matter of minutes, you will receive your credit decision.

I don’t have a company can I finance?

100% yes, we can offer this type of customer a new business financing plan.

For your business name, you can list your personal name (first & last).  You can register your home address as the business address. Ascentium Capital will require that you file an LLC, corporation, or DBA before finalizing our documentation and funding to Wattman World. You need a minimum 650 FICO score with Equifax to be eligible for funding.

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