Wattman Mini Express Train

Often referred to as a mall train, the Wattman Mini Express trackless train is ideal for indoor but also outdoor operations.

Mini Express

The Wattman Mini Express is a 4 car configuration and is comprised of one open coal car wagon, 2 covered passenger wagons, and a caboose.

Often referred to as a mall train, the Wattman Mini Express trackless train is ideal for indoor operations. Providing appropriate maintenance, the train is also suitable for outdoor operations. 

The Wattman Mini Express is standard outfitted with the Anti-Collision system and Wheels in Motion.

Your Wattman Mini Express Train

Standard included

  • 48-volt battery pack
  • 12-16 hours of use on a single charge
  • Anti-Collision System
  • Wheels in motion
  • Up to 24 children or 10 adults
  • Premium support
  • Special Sound Effects
  • Short turning radius
  • Trackless and Electric
  • Safe and TUV certified
  • Can be used in- and outdoor
  • 2-year warranty

Optional customization

By simply pressing a button, the conductor will instantly generate smoke.

“Wow Dad, a real train!”

The liquid that evaporates is glycol based. It is safe and non-toxic and can be used in an indoor operation. The smoke machine has its own battery and recharging system which is controlled by a microprocessor.

The smoke machine is available as an option on all Wattman train models.

The optional mechanical whistle adds an extra dimension to the train.

The driver simply pulls the handle to generate a more ‘circus like’ sounding whistle.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

Enhance the train ride experience with the Wattman railroad crossing signal.

The system is equipped with two LED lights and an electronic bell.

The set comes with; remote control, battery and charger.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

The optional wood panel kit replaces the Standard square and rectangular ornaments on the wagon sides.

The wood panels give the train a very exclusive look and you have the ability to easily install your own themes, advertisements or corporate identity.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

Standard on Maxi XT Edition

Wattman can work with you and create your own custom colored train.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

Protect your investment with original Wattman covers, which are designed specifically for the train.

The covers protect against dust and water.

The covers are not suitable for a train to be stored outside!

This option is available on all Wattman train models

Small wooden station for indoor use.

The station is assembled very quickly. There is no metal hardware.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

As the train moves forward, steam engine sounds are generated and projected from the locomotive.

“Listen Mom, a real train”

The faster the train moves, the faster the rhythm of the sounds. Similarly, as the train slows down, the output flow of the sounds will also decrease. Also provided are bell and whistle sounds that are triggered by their own switch and independent volume controls.

The Sound in Motion system can be enabled or disabled via its on/off switch and it has a knob to control the volume.

When the train is ‘out of sight’ the Sound In Motion can be heard from a distance to attract.

Also, the fact that the train generates these sounds contributes to make it safer.

With this option you can easily refill the water level of the batteries.

The system is original from US batteries.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

PA-amplifier and speakers in all wagons.

Plug your MP3 player into the amplifier. Create playlists.

Greet the kids on board. Deliver a safety message. Tell a joke…

The optional goose neck microphone allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road while talking.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

Standard on Maxi XT Edition

With this option you have access to a 12 volt connection in all wagons. Also, the caboose is provided with a working taillight.

The 12 volt power socket can be used for; electric pump for the tires, party lights, lights in the carriages and many other applications

This option is available on all model Wattman trains which are outfitted with the audio package

Standard on the Maxi XT Edition train

Often referred to as ADA caboose

ADA stands for American with Disabilities Act: a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability.

The act applies to various infrastructures including amusement rides.

In compliance with the guideline standards (dimensions/clearance) for wheelchair accessibility, Wattman designed and now offers this unique caboose.

This option is available on all Wattman train models

With these advertising frames you can easily install your corporate identity or advertisements

These frames are mounted on the side of the wagon that is opposite the door.

When you want to put advertising on both sides of the wagons, the wood panel kit is the best solution

The small advertising frames can be used on the rooftop of the passenger wagons.

The wooden frames can be mounted in the slots which are available on the roof of all passenger wagons (not on the caboose or coal wagon).

This option is available on the Classic Edition Mini Express train

Most zoos prefer their electric road train to be dressed with our zoo graphics package.

You would also be surprised that many smaller scale zoos own and operate a Wattman Zoo train. In fact, the Wattman Mini-Express train is very popular.

We can also put your own desin on our trains!

This option is available on the Classic Edition Mini Express train


Ideal for indoor and outdoor operations

Shopping Malls

Business models will vary. In America, the typical model is for an independent train owner to contract a lease with the mall. In other parts of the world the train may be owned and operated by the mall. A typical ride will last 7-8 minutes. Generally, the ride has a cost but we know of operations where the ride is free.

Theme Parks

As with Carousels, a train ride in an amusement park has long since been ‘a classic’. Many parks will have track trains with sophisticated layouts. Our Mini Express trackless train is an alternative or a compliment to existing track trains. The cost is much lower and the fact that it is a trackless allows more flexibility.

Family Entertainment

FEC’s tend to have soft play areas. Larger FEC’s will have both ‘soft’ and ‘thrill’ rides. If your FEC’s lends itself to ‘Soft’ the train is a great fit.

Special Events

Companies that rent out equipment for specific events such as fairs, sidewalk sales and birthday parties and that have a train available will tell you that the train is the most profitable piece of equipment that they have.


Zoos that offer amusement rides will purchase the train
and operate it in the concessions area.

City Parks

Large city parks with quality landscaping and touristic areas are great for a train operation. In these types of areas people tend to stay for long periods that are prone to train rides.

A quiet, safe and environmentally friendly electric train

Wattman is the only mall train manufacturer that designs and manufactures its trackless powertrain

While all other companies build their locomotive from a third party industrial vehicle (a stock chaser), the Wattman Mini Express Trackless train is built and assembled at our factory in Canada. Because of this, Wattman has constantly introduced and integrated new features and options such as the anti-collision system. From the customer support perspective, it’s reassuring to know that all parts are in stock and that the customer that will contact technical support will talk to an engineer that designed the train.

The Mini Express is also the only mall train that offers a 2-year warranty and comes standard with TUV certification. Only a company that controls its production can stand behind the product such as Wattman does. We don’t simply dress up a locomotive, we design and build it!

A train operation without the appropriate certification is a vulnerable operation

All Wattman trains are TUV certified and comply with all relevant European regulations.

In countries where certification is not required, the simple fact that it is TUV certified will procure a positive appreciation on the local or national compliance agency.

In countries outside the EU where European standards are not applicable, Wattman will interact with the assigned compliance agency of that country to obtain the proper certification as required by local law. Recently, Wattman has worked with Israeli, Australian and Singapore governmental bodies and obtained required certifications for each of these countries.

All this to say that there is no single answer to customers looking into obtaining a certification.

It is therefore important to do your homework and verify if any specific local regulation applies to your operation.

All Wattman trains have been designed in conformity with the requirements of EN 13814 :2004 – Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety.

Based on the EN 13814 approval we are in harmony with the following international standards:

International, ISO 17842 – Part 1, 2 & 3 Safety of Amusement Rides and Amusement Devices | USA, ASTM F2291, Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices | ASTM F1193, Standard Practice for Quality, Manufacture, and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices | Canada, ASTM F2783, Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of Amusement Rides and Devices |Australia and New Zealand, AS 3533 part 1 & 2, Amusement Rides and Devices |Brazil, ABNT NBR 15926, Amusement park equipment |Russia, GOST R 52170, Safety of Mechanized Amusement Rides |GOST R 53130, Safety of Amusement Rides, General Requirements

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